Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Play List Wednesday 1 Apr 09

Part of the mystery over the authors of the song If I Had A Gun has been solved. Rebecca Folsom and Celeste Krenz are members of a group called Rhythm Angels. They included the song in their release Girls Like Us earlier this year. The other two authors on the song are Liz Barnez and Diana Jones are solo singer/song writers and sometimes tour together. Best song of 09 in my book.
  1. James Taylor Oh, What A Beautiful Morning Other Covers
  2. Willie Nelson Bring Me Sunshine Naked Willie
  3. Rob Heath One More Day Above Ground One More...........
  4. The Believers I'm Only Dreamin Lucky You
  5. Ted Russell Kamp Poor Man's Paradise Poor Man's............
  6. Kathryn Williams & Neill McCoil Innocent When You Dream Two
  7. Vienna Tang The Last Snowfall Inland Territory
  8. Gretchen Peters & Tom Russell If I Had A Gun One To The Heart One To The Head
  9. O + S Survive Love O + S
  10. Fred Eaglesmith & The Flying Squirrels Spookin' the Horses Ralph's Last Show
  11. Chris Isaak Wicked Game Best Of
  12. Chris Isaak Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing Eyes Wide Shut ST
  13. ZZ Top She's Killin Me From Dusk till Dawn ST
  14. Dominc's Trio Outta Bullets Switch
  15. Fastball Soul Radio Little White Lies
  16. Bell X-1 How Your Heart Is Wired Blue Lights On The Runway
  17. Elvis Perkins 1 2 3 Goodbye In Dreamland
  18. Byrd & Street Love Broke The Fall Love Broke The Fall
  19. Slaid Cleaves Twistin Everything You Love Will Be Taken Away
  20. Danny Schmidt Leaves Are Burning Little Grey Sheep
  21. Jesse Harris State Of The Union Watching the Sky
  22. Sometimes Why My Crazy Your Heart Is A Glorious Machine
  23. Marion Loquidice w/ Cindi Lauper My Song God's House
  24. Caitlin Crosby Freedom Flawz
  25. Courtney Fairchild Banjo Shaker 11 Chances
  26. Cindi Harvell Anchor The Night Turned To Song
  27. Manda Mosher Not What Love Is For Everything You Need
  28. Samantha Crain & The Midnight Shivers Devils In Boston Everything You Need
  29. Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears Sugarfoot Tell 'em What Your Name Is
  30. Booker T Hey Ya Potato Hole
  31. Freddy Jones Band Waitress Time Well Wasted
  32. Scott Miller Double Indemnity For Crying Out Loud
  33. John Doe & The Sadies I Still Miss Someone Country Club
  34. The Flatlanders Sowing On The Mountain Hills and Valleys
  35. Hill Country Revue Lets Talk About Me and You Make A Move
  36. Cyril Neville Mean Boss Blues Brand New Blues
  37. Colin Linden From The Water From........

See you On The River Friday night from 10-1

Stay Tuned

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